Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!!!
I usually like to have a quiet new years eve, but this year I was special, we were in demand for various parties. Imagine our surprise, No date with Blockbuster?! I was actually looking forward to watching a few flicks, but alas I was needed. We were invited, by a couple we adore, to our favorite wine bar to kick off the new years eve. Then there was the invite to a huge blow out party. We also were invited to two smaller parties held by some friends and neighbors of ours, but we had to decline all offers and go with numero uno, My sister in law. She was top pick for many reason. Reason number one: She asked first. Reason number two: she had a babysitter! All in all we're still reveling in the fact that we had so many offer. It was a nice ego boost :) We had a great time , but man am I beat today!
Since I felt like such a lazy butt today, I decided to catch up on my music and revive some of my old loves. OH MY GOSH! I had forgotten how much I loved Elvis Costello,Morrisey, the Smiths, the Cure, Pearl Jam....Man these bands and people took me back! So many memories...So I spent the day cleaning , a little, and reminiscing to myself.
As I was eating a healthy snack of Cheetos and sitting on my butt listening to music I started to wonder; Is everyone somewhat "stuck" in a certain period of their life? For most of us is it high school or college? It seems those are the two times in our lives when we understand how wide open the future and our potential really is. We are also realizing how little responsibility we are shouldering at that time and juncture. Everything seems attainable and easier at those points in life. These are just the things the Cheetos and I were contemplating...
I do not make New Years resolutions, but I do embrace every year that comes and hope for things. I hope 2007 is filled with more hope,continued purpose, new surprises, new dreams, and fun. For the world, I hope we all have a greater sense of purpose and a drive to do what is right and just. I hope we all find a greater capacity to love one another this year.
May we ALL enjoy greater Peace, Love, and Fellowship in 2007, Have a wonderful year!

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