Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is an update of my previous post

Sweet Noah passed away on the same day that he was taken off of life support. I consider it God's grace and mercy that he passed so quickly. Please pray for his family during this time.

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mommy zabs said...

Holly, I haven't been by in forever, well i haven't been blogging in forever. let alone reading them.
i had a strong sense about Noah and went to his site praying it wasn't true... and i saw it. I'm overwhelmed with sadness and marvel at the same time right now. I'm blown away by their faith. And convicted in my lack there of. I saw you on the comments, so i thought i would stop by. Looksl ike you have been getting into the blogging thing :)!

Anyway, just saying hi. I have to get my blog feeds working again.