Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have You Signed up Yet?!

You have to watch this! It is too good to pass up. I have to say I love comics, but I'm not ready to sport a costume and possibly fight a bad guy. I'm more of a 911 kinda girl myself.

And the Roof?

I decided to take to my blog to get out some frustration. I am on day 3 of the flu. Much to my tired surprise, after getting fast food for the children last night, I looked up in our breakfast nook and found a leak. A Leak. When you feel like you've been hit by a train having more poo poured on your poo poo platter is beyond frustrating. I know it hasn't leaked in the breakfast area since before we moved in. I know this because I painted that ceiling my self and there wasn't any water damage on it. Fun fact about that part of the roof ,above the breakfast nook, it is the only part of the house that the bank had fixed after the hurricane. The front of the house leaks, the dinning room leaks, now the "fixed" portion leaks. We are frustrated. We would have insisted the bank fix the whole house, but only after we signed our contract and stood to loose ALOT of money, did we find out that our realtor had neglected some MAJOR details. The details she neglected were, in fancy legal terms, the bank would not fix things that were broken, including the roof, and they got to keep several thousands of dollars from us if we broke contract. So we were between a rock and a hard place. The Other Half and his parents were put at ease by our inspector who said the roof was crap, but could last another 2-5yrs and he thought they had fixed the leaks. He thought this because of how dry everything was in the attic. FYI we had enormous rains in May and June then nothing. He inspected in September. I pointed this out, but everyone else chose to go with his opinion. Now, he did agree that the "fixed" portion had been done poorly, but it didn't look like it would be problem. Well, here we are....

My in laws, during the inspection and after bringing to our attention our Realtors neglect, offered to loan us the money to fix the roof. (They thought due the craziness in the financial world they would be safer for us to get a loan through than a bank.) I'm not sure how much they thought it would be. I can say they are shocked at the initial estimates of $8,000. We will be getting some more estimates. However, we have a substantial roof and there will be MANY boards that will need replaced. Our neighbors, whose insurance is covering theirs because of the Storm, said that $8000 sounds about right. Ugh.

Please pray for us. I am contacting the selling agent to try to get the number of the roofers that she had "fix" the breakfast nook. I am praying she will be helpful and timely. The Other Half is away on business and didn't want to talk about it because he's stressed with what he is handling presently.

I wasn't sold on this house. But we has several people bidding against us for it. Our only prayer, in our two reasonable bids, was that if we were suppose to have please let us get it and if not show us where we need to be. So I know this must be the house we should be at. We have fun entertaining, our kids enjoy the space, heck, we enjoy the space! The fire place works great.... The house just leaks! I am worried about mold growth. I am nervous about paying back $8000+ . Especially when we are working to pay off most of our credit card dept by the end or middle of 2009.

I feel like I have peace about it, but that I'm fighting that peace? Do you know what I'm talking about? So I am praying for us to be guided through this. It's a little nerve wreaking with one income, a baby on the way, and an uncertain economy. I know the Other Half is very nervous. So please, pray for us that we will know what to do, who to work with, and when to do it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Yesterday it was a high of 7 degrees. I believe they said with wind chill it was past -10degrees. Crazy! For the past 2days our older windows have had ice patterns painted upon them. It was cool and disturbing at the same time. Today, at present, it says it is 18 degrees with a high of 35! This weather is crazy! I am thinking of buying some cheapy sleds as an add on gift under the tree. I got this crazy idea 2 days ago while out in the freezing weather. I really hope it snows on Christmas day. I just have this beautiful vision of the kids so happy they found the sleds under the tree because there is a foot of snow out side! They are so excited that they forgo breakfast just to get out in the white stuff! The reality is weather channel says rain tomorrow, Rain! Then cloudy and a high of 27 on Christmas, and rain on Friday. Yuck!
I see the weather channel possible reality, but I'm still hoping for a Christmas miracle!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Guests are coming! The Guests are coming!

Twas 3nights before Christmas and all threw the house people were scurrying to clean up the house! Why does the story not start that way? Probably because it isn't very catchy. Well we are scurrying about. We are spending tonight cleaning from top to bottom. The Other Half's folks and Bro come into town tomorrow. They will be staying with us until Friday! While we clean tonight the other half is going to try to hon his mad fire making skills. That way we can have a proper fire on Christmas eve and Christmas. Sounds cozy doesn't it?
I have to tell you we must be crazy. We really should be locked up. We have volunteered to host Christmas Eve at our house for my sister, her hub, my mom, and my fam. Then Christmas day is The Other Half's entire family.
In order for the kids to have fun on Christmas day, and stay out of the way, we are rushing to get the floor finished in the basement. It really is a must. They will have a play room therefore keeping them from running threw the kitchen in an attempt to go upstairs. Mayhem! So we are hoping we can get that project out of the way by Christmas eve afternoon.
I am really hoping that The Other Half's mom takes the lead in cooking on Christmas day. I have found I am a spastic perfectionist like my Grandmother. Which means I freak out in an effort to get EVERYTHING out on time, all the while alienating/scaring family members. It isn't pretty. We will see...
I have almost all my shopping done. Tomorrow the last of it should be finished. I just love shopping or making things for others for Christmas. It's one of my favorite things to do all year long!
Well I should get to work on the house...I wonder, if I procrastinate further do you think the house will clean itself? I better not wait and find out. I am off!

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Baby

Side note, because I am procrastinating and all, I thought I wanted fish sticks today. Yes, I know, fish sticks. So I had fish sticks today. May I say, the baby hates them. Really hates them. The baby also hates pizza, chocolate, sugar, anything remotely spicy, no matter how remote, ham, so many things. It does like most cereal, yogurt,granola, flax seed, almonds, and lattes. A really healthy diet. I really hope I can add some variety some time soon. Like SOON! Ugh.....


Procrastinator! Procrastinator! Yup, that's me. I should be doing some Christmas shopping online but instead I am blogging. My mind is going in every direction but the one or two it should be going in. I should be unpacking and/or cleaning the house, also. Yeah right! After two months straight of cleaning ,packing, painting, rehabbing, ect., I am burned out on house must do's. Although, seriously I should get on it.
Instead of Christmas shopping my mind keeps wandering. I have had so many stories inside of me that have wanted to come out for so long. So this month I am going to start organizing my thoughts. Then hopefully in the next year I will have made at least one of the idea's into a book, or something. It's been eating at me for several years. Now that I'm pregnant and will be nursing a baby for the next x-amount of months, what else do I have to do? Seriously. When the baby naps I can write. I'm not getting any younger. And if nothing comes of it except I purged the art that has been waiting to be birthed, then so be it. It needed to be done. Nothing lost.
I also think by letting the blogispher know what I'm up to will put a good burden ,or pressure, on myself to not procrastinate, too much. ;)