Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colbert the king of tv!

After whining about not having anything good to watch the other night, I was finally blessed with a great tv night. On Thursday I was still sick, so this lead to more sitting on my butt watching tv. As luck would have it, it was Thursday, night of may options! There was Ugly Betty, Grey's, Scrubs (it was the night of their musical), and Colbert with O'Reilly! The two I was most excited about were Scrubs and Colbert/O'Reilly. The Scrubs musical was cute. Lots of funny parts, just like Scrubs. JD and Turks hetero guy love song was cute. Colbert was on the O'Reilly factor earlier in the evening. Colbert was funny. He was great. O'Reilly looked uncomfortable. I'm not sure why he was uncomfortable, Colbert wasn't rude or out of line. Then later that night O'Reilly was in the hot seat over on The Colbert Report . Once again, O'Reilly just didn't seem comfortable. Both Colbert/O'Reilly shows fell flat of the hype and my expectations, but they weren't bad. I think they could have been better had O'Reilly just been more comfortable. Maybe he's just not comfortable being asked questions or in a parody situation. Who knows. Colbert was heard to say, after his show was over, that O'Reilly seems like a nice guy.
For your viewing pleasure I have included both segments. Enjoy!

Colbert on The Factor

O'Reilly on the Report

FYI, Colbert really did steal what he said he stole, Fox news confirmed it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoa is me!

Oh my goodness do I have a cold! Ugh! I felt this cold coming on about 4 days ago. I have been downing regular tea, red tea, green tea, herbs, airborne, you name it, in hopes of warding this baby off. To no avail. I am sick and I don't have the time to be sick. (Do we ever?) It is t-minus 3days until I have house guests! I have soooooo much to do to get ready, very few helpers and not much energy. To top it off I have only crappy tv to watch in the mean time. I know, whine, whine, whine. But seriously, I have one evening to rest, which is tonight, and there is nothing on! Oh but you say,'Watch American Idol!' No thanks. I really think it is the most over rated show on tv. I hate it when they show the people who can't sing. Not only do I not want to hear them "sing", but I hate hearing them get torn down. I hate that the whole next day ALL the radio stations laugh and poke fun at the people who can't sing. I just don't get making fun of people or even laughing at someones attempt at their dream. I just can't make any sense of American Idol. But I'm too sick to bore people with the rest. So what am I watching tonight? Soap net. Oh yes, I said it, SoapNet. This is how desperate I am for some "decent" tv.

On another note, can you believe we are just about in the middle of January?! Is it me, or as you get older does time roll bye more quickly? Is it that we are more busy? Because I have to tell you I was a fairly active kid, and time seemed to take FOREVER to tick bye. Now it just flits. In some ways that's great because you get back around to birthdays more quickly. Now I have to prefece; I hate getting older. I always have. But I love my birthday, I love other peoples birthdays. Just like Christmas, how fun is it to go shopping for the right gift?! How yummy is cake?! Cake and Icecream are the best food group on the whole pyrimid. The very best. I am an equal oppurtunity cake eater. The more cake the better, with a nice side of icecream, pure heaven!

Totally on to another topic.(ADD much?!) I was at the library and discovered a new periodical. It's a Canadian magazine called Macleans. A friend of mine informed me that it was a kind of Time or Newsweek for Canada. They had a great article titled Why are we dressing our daughters like skanks? Great, catchy title huh? With a title like that I just had to read it and it was great! It talks about how companies and parents are working together to degrade the next generations innocence. I checked online and Macleans has an excerpt entitled Why are we dressing our daughters like this? Here is the link:
The article really is quite good. It certainly has affected who I purchase from and what I purchase. I hope you find it as informative and interesting.
Have a good week!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Thinking Happy Thoughts

I have been trying to think happy thoughts the past couple of days. I have also been trying to make sense of Noah's passing and wrestling with my own feelings on it. I don't think, at this point, I would have had the faith and peace that Noah's parents had in order to do what they they did. I guess that's why I wasn't given Noah. Many parts of his story and his parents words spoke to me. Here is my little story and if you stick with me you will see how they tie together.
My mom and her best friend were talking the other day about my sister. (The one I had the Brittany argument with.) They were talking about their concerns and what not. My mom said something about my sister being an alcoholic. My mom's best friends says,'We're not going to use that word anymore. I refuse to label our girl. We are just going to start calling her a child of God, and anytime we want to use the A word ,we will just call her a child of God.' My mom recounted this little story to me on the same day that I read on Noah's Blog about his mom being glad that Noah didn't have a diagnosis and therefore no label could be put on him and it hit me.... When we or others are given a label it confirms or reaffirms something about us. If it's negative then we buy into it and can let that thing control us. We give the negative thing a foot hold in our lives ,or the lives of others, and therefore it has power. I have been given the story of God talking to Abraham lately. I was trying to piece together what it all meant. My sis, dad, Noah, no labels and Abraham. I think I might be getting it. When God told Abraham he would have descendants as numerous as the stars and that he would have a son; Abraham laughed at God and said 'I am an old man and Sarah is an old woman. We can not have a child at this age.' He labeled himself and Sarah. When we label that limits what we allow God to do. Maybe if he would have just fallen down and thanked God and accepted it as fact, MAYBE he and Sarah would have had their son sooner. What I am getting at is I am not longer going to label Dad or Sis. I'm not going to label them out loud or in my head. When I start to label them I'm just going to say child of God and thank the almighty for what he IS doing and will do in their lives.

Now on to less complicated happy thoughts that don't require as much thought. :)
I LOVE mint Christmas M&M's. I ran across a hidden half pound of them. I had hidden them over the holidays. I am relishing them. Ahhhh, it's the little things.....
I am enjoying a wonderful book call "Nonviolence: 25 lessons from a dangerous idea". I'll be giving updates on it as I get more into it. At this point , regardless of your stance, I recommend it. It has a lot of history in it.
I am so happy that my cat is getting de-clawed at the end of this month!!!! My couch is happy too. I have some great friends coming into town in a few days and it will be so nice to catch up with them.
I just received a few new cookbooks in an attempt to over come my culinary rut. I am looking forward to using them. I love to cook. I come from a family of great cooks and have been feeling inferior lately. I'm hoping these books will help. It's Rachel Ray, how can it not?!
These are my happy things for the moment. They may not be glamorous, but they are helping to keep me a little sunnier.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This is an update of my previous post

Sweet Noah passed away on the same day that he was taken off of life support. I consider it God's grace and mercy that he passed so quickly. Please pray for his family during this time.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My heart is so heavy

There are so many things that I've wanted to blog about, but right now they all seem frivoulous. There is a little boy named Noah Steven. You can reach his blog via mine, by looking at my links to the right. The short story about Noah is that he was born in August of 2006 and shortly after went into the ICU. The Doc's aren't sure what is wrong with Noah. He is on some type of life support and his parents have been praying ferverntly for a miracle. After lots of prayerful consideration they are taking him off of life support on friday. It's complicated and ,I can't even say I completely understand it, but they are putting him as a sacrafic before God and asking for a straight up miracle. My heart is soooo very heavy for them, their family, and for their son. This, I'm sure, wasn't and easy decision. I am asking anyone that reads my blog to go to Noah's. Read about Noah and his family. Most of please pray for them all. Please pray as God leads you.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hangin' with me a fun way to spend your day?

Man am I tired today! I had to be up at 6:30 am in order to get my soon to be stepsister to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth taken out. Yikes! I thought she would be tired, but turns out she was in good spirits, but wanted to hang with me instead of going home to an empty house. It was a nice experience. We chatted and watched movies. It was nice getting to know my step sis better. She's a good "kid". She and I also decided to be shopping buddies next time one of us needs to do some power shopping:)Hanging with my stepsis aside, this week has been a real zinger. I am finding that I may not be so much of a stress eater as a stress drinker. Starbucks. Hazelnut latte. Mocha. Vanilla latte. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. yummmmmmmmmmmmm. The good thing about Starbucks being a "stress buster" is that there is not one for about 5miles of my house and it isn't on my route to many places. So my stress buster is still in moderation. My stressful week has only equaled 2 lattes. Where as if I was an at home stress eater this could spell trouble. Thank you Starbucks for your crack laden drinks and the fact that your not currently convenient for me to get to!
I am going to log off now. Scrubs is do on soon. They brought it back, finally. Such a smartly written wacky comedy. Enjoy your evenings.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Calendars, Couches, and Cats, Oh My!

Have you ever looked at the calendar and your head starts spinning? I look at the calendar for January and it is already filled up with dates and possible dates. It feels like the month is over before it begins! I'm not complaining. I love being busy and having people to see. It is just crazy the over whelming feeling a full calendar can bring.
I am excited about 2007. I can't really say why; it just feels like it is going to be a good year. I felt the same about 2006, and I can't say I was disappointed. In many ways 2006 was the best year I've had in a long time. I just seemed to fly by too quickly.
I have to say I am enjoying the AWESOME weather we are enjoying presently. I am an active and outdoorsy type so the mild winter has been welcome. Don't get me wrong I would love to see a light dusting of snow, but it is so nice just to pick up and take my dogs on a walk and not have to worry about Eskimoing up just to do it.
We have 3 Dogs and 2 cats. This may sound like trouble, but it is a fine arrangement. All of our boys get along famously. They all get along so well in fact, that 4 out of the 5 have decided to conspire against my new sofa! My oldest dog, who has a bed of his own, has decided he needs to be sleeping on said sofa. The two midgets have decided that they shouldn't sleep on the sofa, but on the pillows, and there are A LOT of those. There is the one cat ,who believes the couch is his own personal scratching post!! I have mostly remedied the dogs with yelling, clapping, and throwing of other throw pillows at them. ( it seems to be working) The cat on the other hand is undeterred and has taken to scratching at night when mommy can't see! SO mommy is calling the vet tomorrow to make a de-clawing appointment. We'll see who the winner is now buddy!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years!!!
I usually like to have a quiet new years eve, but this year I was special, we were in demand for various parties. Imagine our surprise, No date with Blockbuster?! I was actually looking forward to watching a few flicks, but alas I was needed. We were invited, by a couple we adore, to our favorite wine bar to kick off the new years eve. Then there was the invite to a huge blow out party. We also were invited to two smaller parties held by some friends and neighbors of ours, but we had to decline all offers and go with numero uno, My sister in law. She was top pick for many reason. Reason number one: She asked first. Reason number two: she had a babysitter! All in all we're still reveling in the fact that we had so many offer. It was a nice ego boost :) We had a great time , but man am I beat today!
Since I felt like such a lazy butt today, I decided to catch up on my music and revive some of my old loves. OH MY GOSH! I had forgotten how much I loved Elvis Costello,Morrisey, the Smiths, the Cure, Pearl Jam....Man these bands and people took me back! So many memories...So I spent the day cleaning , a little, and reminiscing to myself.
As I was eating a healthy snack of Cheetos and sitting on my butt listening to music I started to wonder; Is everyone somewhat "stuck" in a certain period of their life? For most of us is it high school or college? It seems those are the two times in our lives when we understand how wide open the future and our potential really is. We are also realizing how little responsibility we are shouldering at that time and juncture. Everything seems attainable and easier at those points in life. These are just the things the Cheetos and I were contemplating...
I do not make New Years resolutions, but I do embrace every year that comes and hope for things. I hope 2007 is filled with more hope,continued purpose, new surprises, new dreams, and fun. For the world, I hope we all have a greater sense of purpose and a drive to do what is right and just. I hope we all find a greater capacity to love one another this year.
May we ALL enjoy greater Peace, Love, and Fellowship in 2007, Have a wonderful year!