Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoa is me!

Oh my goodness do I have a cold! Ugh! I felt this cold coming on about 4 days ago. I have been downing regular tea, red tea, green tea, herbs, airborne, you name it, in hopes of warding this baby off. To no avail. I am sick and I don't have the time to be sick. (Do we ever?) It is t-minus 3days until I have house guests! I have soooooo much to do to get ready, very few helpers and not much energy. To top it off I have only crappy tv to watch in the mean time. I know, whine, whine, whine. But seriously, I have one evening to rest, which is tonight, and there is nothing on! Oh but you say,'Watch American Idol!' No thanks. I really think it is the most over rated show on tv. I hate it when they show the people who can't sing. Not only do I not want to hear them "sing", but I hate hearing them get torn down. I hate that the whole next day ALL the radio stations laugh and poke fun at the people who can't sing. I just don't get making fun of people or even laughing at someones attempt at their dream. I just can't make any sense of American Idol. But I'm too sick to bore people with the rest. So what am I watching tonight? Soap net. Oh yes, I said it, SoapNet. This is how desperate I am for some "decent" tv.

On another note, can you believe we are just about in the middle of January?! Is it me, or as you get older does time roll bye more quickly? Is it that we are more busy? Because I have to tell you I was a fairly active kid, and time seemed to take FOREVER to tick bye. Now it just flits. In some ways that's great because you get back around to birthdays more quickly. Now I have to prefece; I hate getting older. I always have. But I love my birthday, I love other peoples birthdays. Just like Christmas, how fun is it to go shopping for the right gift?! How yummy is cake?! Cake and Icecream are the best food group on the whole pyrimid. The very best. I am an equal oppurtunity cake eater. The more cake the better, with a nice side of icecream, pure heaven!

Totally on to another topic.(ADD much?!) I was at the library and discovered a new periodical. It's a Canadian magazine called Macleans. A friend of mine informed me that it was a kind of Time or Newsweek for Canada. They had a great article titled Why are we dressing our daughters like skanks? Great, catchy title huh? With a title like that I just had to read it and it was great! It talks about how companies and parents are working together to degrade the next generations innocence. I checked online and Macleans has an excerpt entitled Why are we dressing our daughters like this? Here is the link:
The article really is quite good. It certainly has affected who I purchase from and what I purchase. I hope you find it as informative and interesting.
Have a good week!

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