Friday, June 15, 2007

Made in China?!

The most horrible thing has happened, my Betula Birkenstocks are made in china! I ordered the cutest pair of Betula Birkenstocks the other day. I have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. My feet could not wait to wear these hippy cute things. The finally arrived to day! I excitedly pulled them out of the box, put them on my feet, wore them around the house, and then decided I better check them for damage before I headed outside to show these babies off! Much to my dismay they had a stamp on the inside leather strap "made in china". Not cool! My first thought was I had been taken for a ride and the vendor had given me a pair of knock off's for a not so knocked off price. I decided to search google before I contacted the vendor. I'm glad I did. It turns out my beautiful Betula "Birkenstocks" are LICENSED by Birkenstock and thus they are not made in Germany, like a regular Birk. Further research yielded that the Eurowellness line of shoes by (or licensed by) Birkenstock are also made in China! It is very puzzling to me that a shoe company that is synonymous with hippy foot wear would do something so unhippy, like support a shoe line made in China. One thing I have learned from this ordeal is that when buying online, from the TV, or a catalog I am going to have to check ahead and see where the item is made.

If you would like more info on why not to buy made in China products go to:

P.S. Very trivial update: I have found a small portion of my summer clothes!!! I'm not sure if the little clothing sprites decided to throw me a bone here or what, but I am not complaining. Now if they would just give me back my 2 other containers of clothes....... ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Party fun

I just had to share. My eldest had a birthday in May. I've been debating about whether or not to put some photo's up from party. The party was so much fun though, that I just had to post a few. We hired a nature person to come to the house and educate everyone on nature and the "nuisance" animals that one might find in their neighborhood. It was great. The kids played games, observed a live opossum, tarantula, bats, and a snake. I think the adults had as much fun as the kids, which is always great! I love putting together birthday party's. It seems a birthday is really a time for celebrations. It's a celebration of life, love, and how far one has come. Birthdays are also a great excuse to load up on my 2 favorite foods, Cake and Icecream! In my opinion cake and icecream can be the only food groups. I just love birthdays party's, can you tell?The only problem I find with birthdays is the family is so large that we are up to almost 40 people by just inviting them! It is easy to blow a budget on food alone for those eating machines! :)

P.s I also have some prayer requests. We have has several family members have surgeries related to cancer recently. One member is still in the hospital because they haven't any white blood cells!
We have a friend who has had some complications with a transplant organ and would appreciate prayer for them.
And lastly my other half has, in the last month, found out that he has a vocal nodule that will need to be surgically removed! We've been told that he will have to be silent for 10days following surgery, then on day 11 he can speak for 5minutes every hour, the next day it will be 10minutes every hour, so on and so forth. It will take about a month or so to get back to normal for speech and even longer for singing. Really crazy...
We appreciate all your prayers on behalf of ourselves and others.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is it just me or.....

Is it just me or is there something weird going on? I can't put my finger on it but it seems there is something not right going on in the world today. Gas prices have been going up over the past 2 to 3 years. Visa is continually running adds on how uncool cash is. Illegal Aliens are constantly being given newer and cooler titles, other than Illegal Alien, by our government leaders. And our president seems to be for illegal aliens, against a wall for our border with Mexico, and against strict searches and crack downs on the boarder, all while conducting a "war on terror".

First up on my blog of confusion is Gasoline. Lately it seems that all I see on TV are these commercials for ethanol. Congress keeps talking about ethanol. Why ethanol? The government has said it would like the US to have 1/4th of its gasoline usage converted to Biofuels, like ethanol, by 2024 (I believe that is the correct date.). I was listening to Glenn Beck several weeks back and he had some experts on. They said it would take a corn field the size of Texas in order for us to convert 1/4 th of the nations fuel to ethanol! They said that one of the problems with ethanol is corn. Corn is the plant that we use to make ethanol. They said we would have a spoilage problem with the corn before it is made into ethanol, therefore making the price of corn go up. That means corn wouldn't be affordable for people who like to eat corn. Instead of eating corn we would be putting it in our automobile tanks. I heard on NPR last winter that ethanol also uses and pollutes more water when going through the process to become ethanol. They said the water is unable to be cleaned and converted back to water. So it seems to me there aren't alot of bonuses to switching to ethanol. My question is why does the government think it is so great? Are they trying to drive up the price of our foods by making gasoline or ethanol more expensive, but giving farmers steady jobs? I really am scratching my head trying to figure out this issue.

The government and the Bush administration also has me scratching my head over their push for an immigration bill. It doesn't seem like their bills are interested in cracking down on anyone. It seems they are trying to make it easier for them to stay and get into the US. I don't understand why we want someone to stay and work in the US who can not follow the rules to get into the US legally. Also, If anyone can enlighten me on why they are marketing illegal aliens to us I would love to read it. They keep coming up with newer and nicer titles for illegals every week. Are they pushing for illegals because they want their votes? Just today Dennis Miller said a poll found that a majority of illegals would vote democrat if allowed to vote. So why is Bush so in favor of illegals being allowed to stay? Is it because he's on his way out and he doesn't care? Is our government,seemingly, in favor of illegals because we are in bed with Mexico and trying hard to become a one world government? Is it because everyone in congress and the white house have illegals working for them and they don't want to lose them? Is it all of the above? The government really has me confused on their push to protect illegals. Mexico and Canada both would throw any American in jail ,and prosecute them extensively, if they were found to be in their countries illegally. So why are we so nice? We are currently funding the Mexican economy, so I understand why Mexico wants us to go soft on their citizens. I just can't figure out why our government wants to go soft on the illegal alien. Why is Bush supportive of us not having a fence on our south boarder and why is he in favor of prosecuting US boarder guards? We have been told over and over again that terrorist and their weapons could easily be smuggled in through our south boarder. Wouldn't it be nice to make it harder for them by building a fence?

Lastly why is Visa trying to make money uncool? The marketing geniuses (I really mean that) at the Visa came up with those great commericals where everyone is swiping or taping their card to pay for their items, then the dork with the cash screws up the flow of things. Yes, I know Visa is a company like any other and they want their product in everyone's hand. Heck, Visa is on my bank card! But here is one thing I know, not to sound all Orwellian, but Visa keeps track of your purchases. Every time you swipe your visa check card at Mejier, at the very least, they know the time you were there, the Meijer you were at, and how much you spent. Say you use your check card for a month, look at your bank statement. Your bank statement will tell which Targets you were at, the day, the cost, ect. It records almost everything. It gives anyone a good view into your life. It tells your travel habits, spending habits, and personal shopping habits. The tag line for Visa is even genius, "It's every where you want to be." That's nice and all, but I don't want people to know everywhere I be. All of the paranoia aside, is cash really that hard to use? It take a little thought to count the coins and the bills, but it's really not that complicated. Maybe we should look at it as a brain exercise, rather than a burden.

Now some of the questions I have posed may seem flippant or rhetorical, but they are truly a quest for answers beyond by first impulsive thought of ," Oh no big brother and one world government!!!!" I'll admit,at times I think the citizens of the world, seem, to busy or too lazy to take notice of what is going on in their communities or governments. Do we really want the government to wrap us in comfy warm bubble wrap with our safety helmets on and sing us a lullaby, all the while assuring us they have our best interests at heart? Should we just give them the steering wheel. We as Americans cannot fall asleep at the wheel, or let big brother tuck us in. These people can't even fix social security! We have to take self responsibility. We have to write our congress person and the president when we are concerned or anger by issues, such as immigration, ethanol, taxes, ect. It is easy to get busy, trust me I know, but the government has email now! Take a second, email your government officials. They are there to do the bidding of their citizens, not their wallets, and not what they personally think. They must never forget that they are there to work for us. Period.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where O Where Have My Summer Clothes Gone?

I am in an interesting predicament, my summer clothes have disappeared! I am not kidding. I can not find them anywhere. We are trying to sell our house, so I stored some things at my sisters house. She and I dug for an hour or so in her basement, no luck. I have storage building in my backyard, nope not there. I remember putting them in HUGE Tupperware containers at the end of last summer. That's all I can remember. It is so strange, it's like the clothing gremlins have come and hijacked the clothes and are doing who knows what with them now. So in the mean time I've been buying clothes sparingly. I know the moment I go out and spend a ton of cash on new clothes my "old" clothes will magically appear. This has got to be some kind of joke. Who loses 2 big Tupperware things full of clothes? You know a joke like this is right up my sisters alley......Wish me luck on finding my clothes. These things have got to be some where....right?