Thursday, June 14, 2007

Party fun

I just had to share. My eldest had a birthday in May. I've been debating about whether or not to put some photo's up from party. The party was so much fun though, that I just had to post a few. We hired a nature person to come to the house and educate everyone on nature and the "nuisance" animals that one might find in their neighborhood. It was great. The kids played games, observed a live opossum, tarantula, bats, and a snake. I think the adults had as much fun as the kids, which is always great! I love putting together birthday party's. It seems a birthday is really a time for celebrations. It's a celebration of life, love, and how far one has come. Birthdays are also a great excuse to load up on my 2 favorite foods, Cake and Icecream! In my opinion cake and icecream can be the only food groups. I just love birthdays party's, can you tell?The only problem I find with birthdays is the family is so large that we are up to almost 40 people by just inviting them! It is easy to blow a budget on food alone for those eating machines! :)

P.s I also have some prayer requests. We have has several family members have surgeries related to cancer recently. One member is still in the hospital because they haven't any white blood cells!
We have a friend who has had some complications with a transplant organ and would appreciate prayer for them.
And lastly my other half has, in the last month, found out that he has a vocal nodule that will need to be surgically removed! We've been told that he will have to be silent for 10days following surgery, then on day 11 he can speak for 5minutes every hour, the next day it will be 10minutes every hour, so on and so forth. It will take about a month or so to get back to normal for speech and even longer for singing. Really crazy...
We appreciate all your prayers on behalf of ourselves and others.


mommy zabs said...

cute party- what a unique idea! :)
the pictures are great.
i'm so sorry to hear about all the bad health :( I will pray. I'm sorry about trevor too, i am sure that will be super hard on him. I have nodules but they have never been near bad enough for surgury.

Happy Hippie said...

Thanks for the compliment and the prayers. This has been hard on him physically. It hurts for him to speak at the end of the day. But spiritually, he is looking at this as a journey and the days of silence as an oppurtunity for God and he to get closer. God is the only person he is going to be able to talk to for that time. I was really happy to hear that from him.(You just never know how a person will react news like he recieved.) We both know God has a reason for this being allowed to happen, but we would love and invite the continued prayer. Thanks!