Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where O Where Have My Summer Clothes Gone?

I am in an interesting predicament, my summer clothes have disappeared! I am not kidding. I can not find them anywhere. We are trying to sell our house, so I stored some things at my sisters house. She and I dug for an hour or so in her basement, no luck. I have storage building in my backyard, nope not there. I remember putting them in HUGE Tupperware containers at the end of last summer. That's all I can remember. It is so strange, it's like the clothing gremlins have come and hijacked the clothes and are doing who knows what with them now. So in the mean time I've been buying clothes sparingly. I know the moment I go out and spend a ton of cash on new clothes my "old" clothes will magically appear. This has got to be some kind of joke. Who loses 2 big Tupperware things full of clothes? You know a joke like this is right up my sisters alley......Wish me luck on finding my clothes. These things have got to be some where....right?

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mommy zabs said...

Oh wow! How frustrating. I know with moving I am just starting to stop coming accross clothes i forgot about. Between having babies the last few years and many moves it is funny how old some of the clothes I wear that fit me now are!