Saturday, November 29, 2008

Give to Yourself and Help Someone in Need

I have only tried the peppermint mocha and let me say it is delicious!! It tastes like a liquefied Andes mint. Yummy! I can only imagine that the other two are equally as scrumptious.
Now if none of these 3 make your mouth water, remember that on December 1st is world AIDS day. On that day Starbucks will donate 5cents from EVERY handcrafted beverage. So on the 1st treat yourself to a tall Chai, Caffe Latte, or a Vanilla Frap. You will feel a little less guilty and it will taste so much better because you are helping out the less fortunate.
Happy Start to the Holiday Season!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Important Voter Info

Vote 411 is a great site run by the League of Women Voters. It has state by state info on registering to vote, where your polling place is located, it shows you "your" ballot, and other great things. If you need any info on election day, this Vote411 has you covered. This site gives you absolutely no excuse to go to the poles uninformed. Remember, every vote really does count. So get out there and VOTE! :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

God Grant Me Patience

Help! Someone Attacked Me With a Tac!
Yuck! I Smell Like Cat Pee! Help!

The Wallpaper that Knows no End!

One Room Down, how Many to go?!

Above are a few pictures of our new house. We have been working on it for a total of 4 days now. It feels like we are finally making progress. Since beginning this project we have found, not only did their cat and dog (I am assuming they had those animals from the different urine stenches that permeate the air) go potty every where, but one of their children crazy with tacs all over the house! All over! We spent 2days taking the boarder down in a child's room. It took us 2days, 3 people, chemicals, and a steamer to get that crap down. I promise they cemented it onto the wall! We spent today getting down some challenging wallpaper in the dinning room and kitchen. Washing walls, patching, and prepping for paint. Hopefully tomorrow we can start to paint several rooms and all ceilings. It is finally feels like we are making progress. Our bodies ache. Our goal is to start painting tomorrow, have laminate flooring in the first level by Tues, the latest wed, finish painting, and on Friday the carpet is being laid, then Saturday and Sunday the big move. Some time during the week we are fencing in the property and finishing off the Other Halfs office! Ugh!

Please pray for us. I am oh so tired. The unpregnant people in the family are too. All of our bodies are aching. But we can't wait to be in there and enjoy the new space.