Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colbert the king of tv!

After whining about not having anything good to watch the other night, I was finally blessed with a great tv night. On Thursday I was still sick, so this lead to more sitting on my butt watching tv. As luck would have it, it was Thursday, night of may options! There was Ugly Betty, Grey's, Scrubs (it was the night of their musical), and Colbert with O'Reilly! The two I was most excited about were Scrubs and Colbert/O'Reilly. The Scrubs musical was cute. Lots of funny parts, just like Scrubs. JD and Turks hetero guy love song was cute. Colbert was on the O'Reilly factor earlier in the evening. Colbert was funny. He was great. O'Reilly looked uncomfortable. I'm not sure why he was uncomfortable, Colbert wasn't rude or out of line. Then later that night O'Reilly was in the hot seat over on The Colbert Report . Once again, O'Reilly just didn't seem comfortable. Both Colbert/O'Reilly shows fell flat of the hype and my expectations, but they weren't bad. I think they could have been better had O'Reilly just been more comfortable. Maybe he's just not comfortable being asked questions or in a parody situation. Who knows. Colbert was heard to say, after his show was over, that O'Reilly seems like a nice guy.
For your viewing pleasure I have included both segments. Enjoy!

Colbert on The Factor

O'Reilly on the Report

FYI, Colbert really did steal what he said he stole, Fox news confirmed it.

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