Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, so much has happened since I last blogged. Man was January a busy month! My guest's from the UK arrived. We had a great time. This was their first trip to the states. So we showed them around. Everything was new to them, from the size and look of our schools, to shopping malls, to our American size food portions. We had fun figuring out the differences in language. They say boot, we say trunk. We say pants, to them that means underwear! We had tea and biscuits every day,Yummy! We were all sad to have them leave. It was a wonderful week. No more than 6 days later my other half was in the UK for work and to play a gig. He was excited because none other than Mr. Ewan McGregor was to be at the gig. My other half was able meet him, and reported that he is really great looking in person, and cool! Ewan and his two friends stayed for the first set and then asked for the bands information! They said they have movie rap parties in New York and they are always looking for new bands! Even if nothing comes of it, it is still freakin' cool and flattering.
We have also taken our house off the market for a month. Ugh. I hate selling a house. We're going to put it back on in March in hope that the spring plants will add curb appeal. For some reason snow and rain just don't move a house!
This week has finally been a time of slowing down. It feels like I can finally breath. It seems like since Thanksgiving it has been run, run, plan, plan, go, go, go! By this point it almost feels weird not to have much on the calendar.
I do have one thing on the calendar. I'm celebrating my birthday with my sisters this weekend!! I am so excited. My Brittany argument sister is starting to come around. She is talking to my mom just about everyday! In the past our mom has been lucky to talk with her once every two months! She and my mom have been discussing politics, religion, relationships, heavy stuff! It is so exciting. My other sister has a great hubby, she is quirky,and a lot of fun. We are kicking off the evening by going out to eat with our mom, then heading back to quirky sisters house for a night of our all time favorite movies, dance revolution, home videos, and junk food!! It's going to be a real deal slumber party! It is so nice that, not only am I excited, but both of my sisters are too!!

Speaking of politics, I have to start reading up. The media is really pushing Obama. I'm just afraid they are going to make him the next Howard Dean. In the 2004 election they were pushing Dean early on. The moment he announced he was running they were touting him as the next president, then one day the just turned on him like a pack of rabid wolves! I have a feeling they're going to do that to Obama in an effort to push Hilary. (Don't even get me started on her. I would love a woman to run for president, just not her. She has always struck me as very smart, but cold, unloving, methodical, and um, I don't know, communist. ) I hope none of this happens, but I just have this feeling it will. Having said all of that, I have to read up on all the who, what , where's, and whys. I like to be an informed voter. The problem, it seems, is that at this point all of the "candidates" are saying the same thing. They are trying to play it safe. I wish we could get rid of the "squeaky clean" candidate image and just get real! Is someone is willing to come forward and be themselves, warts and all? Please, candidates, if you will get real I'll be willing to listen. Because what you are can't be worse than what I think you are. Let's be honest, the title Politician doesn't conjure up the image of a boy or girl scout! So please just get real, and I will listen!


mommy zabs said...

Happy belated birthday by the way, we really need to get a date on the calander!!

So you are into OBama? Is that what I'm reading? Libertarians for obama, now that surprises me.
Anyway, call soon and let me know when you can hang. Still have that blog proposal for you :)

Happy Hippie said...

I actually don't know too much about Obama, other than it seems the media is completely in love with him. I'm just tired of the media playing dirty and trying to push a candidate down my throat, especially so early in the game. I'm also tired of politicians trying to be too squeaky clean. I just want them to be real. If they are really squeaky clean that is great, but we all know most of them are not. In the last election, I voted for Bush. Not because I agree with him on everything, but because I believe he says what he means and means what he says. No surprises with that man. I respect that. Now John Kerry, he could flip flop all day long. I just can't vote for someone that tells me what they think I want to hear, and won't tell me what they really think. I think more politicians could learn from Bush in terms of just "being real." Like I said, I may not agree with what Bush says but I think I can trust what he says.