Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!!

This is G's 12 week old Labrador/Bluetick Coonhound puppy. This is the dress he picked out for her at Petsmart! G, Darbie (the pup), and I were at Petsmart yesterday. We came across a display of dog clothing. G brings us a grey dog shirt with skull and cross bones all over it. Very biker Dog. The shirt says," I get my good looks from my dad." I laughed and read it to him. I said is this the shirt you want to get? "Yes. I am her dad." Was his reply. I told him it looked to me that it might have been made more for a boy dog than a girl dog. I also pointed out that they only had smalls and mediums and she wears a large. But if he really wanted it for her, and couldn't find one he liked, we would buy it. He immediately finds this little dress. He smiles really big and says,"Here's a dress! She will look so pretty! She likes red and black, just like me!" I have know idea if those are Darbie's favorite colors, she and I haven't had that discussion yet. But I do know that we put that on her yesterday afternoon and she hasn't tried to chew on it or get it off yet! Trust me that fact that she hasn't chewed it is what has amazed me the most!
A boy and his dog......

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