Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Those in the Special Needs System

As most of your know G has ADHD and Aspergers Autism. For us, that means that he has been in the public school systems special preschool for 3 of his 6years of life. He has been in group occupational and speech therapies for the same amount of time. This also means that I have met many parents who are emotionally drain and feel the "system" is a real pain in the neck and that it doesn't work. Now, I am not going to dispute any of that. Although we have been very blessed by not having many "bad" experiences.

Here are the things that I do know about the psychologist, OT (occupational Therapist), Speech Therapist, Special needs teachers, and Intake Care Specialist (kinda like a case worker) that we have met. They work tirelessly. Most are over burdened and underfunded. Most really want the best for the child they are helping. They didn't go into these fields because they don't like children! Their jobs are emotionally draining too. So please, If you are a parent of a child with special needs, and you have had one of the above that really worked hard for you and showed they cared, Tell them! Email them your child's progress. These guys have surprised me with all the children they remember and hope are doing well. So please, drop them a line. Update them on your child. Tell them what a great job they did. Just as we parents need encouragement, they do to. And with out these people going the extra mile,I know G's regular and scholastic life, just wouldn't be as full. So if you think about it, go the extra mile and write them a quick thank you. It will mean alot to them to know they've made an impact.

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