Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vacation Over, Update on My Cousin

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, we flew out of the States on Thursday and headed to the UK for the Other Half’s gig. We arrived on Friday in the Uk. We hung out with friends. The gig went great on Saturday. We headed down to London on Sunday. Then we were on a flight out of the UK around 7am their time, which would have been something like, 2am our time! Yuck! Needless to say I am jet lagged. I will blog on our vacation tomorrow and give pic. I am so tired that this will be more of a summary piece today.

First off, thank you all for your prayers for my cousin and her daughter. They are both still stable. As I posted I visited with her briefly last Tuesday. She was doing better. Well, Wednesday evening her heart started to spike again. I guess they were giving her oral meds that are easier on the baby and hoping that would be enough to get her heart back to normal. Well, it wasn't enough and it started to spike again. So, they had to bring in the University Hospital to consult and it was decided that they should give her intravenous drugs. That helped but it's not so good for Tallia, the baby. They took an ultra sound of Tallia and her weight is a little over 2lbs. There was talk of giving my Cousin a c-section because it would save Tallia, but the chances were not favorable for my cousin. Hearing this, my mom called some ladies from our prayer group and they weren't down immediately to pray for my cousin, Amanda and Tallia. Amanda wept and thanked them immensely for praying for her and the baby. As of Friday she had stabilized, some what. From what I understand there is still a possibility for a C-section if Amanda should go into some form of arrest. Amanda is so scared of dying. And we all know that Tallia's chances aren’t that great either. So please continue to pray. Their situation is still touch and go. I am hopping to go down and visit her today. They don't allow a phone in her room, so I can't call and talk to her personally. I am appreciating all of you thoughts and prayers. Many thanks!


MomOf3 said...

I have not been able to get your cousin and her baby out of my mind since reading about her last week. I am praying for peace and calm for her and her baby, knowledgeable doctors, and a miracle outcome where everyone is healthy. God bless her and your family!

pinks & blues girls said...

Thanks for the update on your cousin and her baby. So very frightening. I am hoping for the best possible outcome.

Glad that you had a great time in the UK, despite the jet lag it caused!

Jane, Pinks & Blues