Friday, July 06, 2007

Whoa Horsey!

Oh my gosh have I had a whirl wind 2 weeks! I am so glad it's coming to an end! Two weeks ago today we received a call from my other half's doctor letting us know they wanted to preform surgery on his vocal cords ASAP. From what we under stand, the size of the "nod" concerned them and they didn't want to leave it in there any longer. We were very excited! So they scheduled us for a 6:30 am surgery on June 25th. Sadly, Monday the 24th we received a call that my other half's grandfather had passed away. His grandpa was a really nice man. So the other half had surgery, as scheduled, then we traveled out of state Wed for the wake and Thursday for the funeral. It was so nice to see people we hadn't seen in ages, but it was frustrating for my other half because he was instructed not to utter a peep, or laugh, for 10days! Sadly he had to converse with family and friends via a white board and lip murmuring. I have to say I was very proud of him, he didn't utter a peep! We came home from the funeral on Thursday evening, stayed in town until Saturday then it was out of state again to visit the in laws! Whew!
It was a nice trip. The kids became proficient in lip reading and translating, we boated, looked for toads, hot tubed and all around lived it up while trying to keep the other half silent. I think being out of town helped him alot. Instead of staying home waiting for the days to roll bye until he could talk, we were out of town for a most of his silence and having continuous amounts of fun.

The other half went for his check up yesterday and clean bill of health!!!! The doctor was amazed that my other half had managed to stay silent for so long, except for a 4th of July party :) The doctor said the throat looked great and my other half can now start speech therapy and talking 5minutes an hour yesterday, and 10minutes and hour today. He was so ecstatic. The doctor also let us know that when he preformed the surgery he had to do more than he thought he would because of the size of the cyst. And he was concerned how the voice would be, but God is good and he sounds "great". It will be a while until we will see how his singing voice will be, but that too is up to God and the other half has amazed me with believing Gods will will be done either way. I know how important his voice is to him and that expression really touched me.

Because of all the things that went on the past two weeks we had to reschedule putting our house back on the market!!! I am so excited to do this again. I have no idea where God wants us. We are totally clueless to this, we are just praying like crazy. I am praying that God will have a strong Christian family buy our house. A family that will build up the neighborhood and be an asset to our neighbors and the neighborhood. We have such great neighbors that I am really saddened to have to move, but we have really out grown our house and it has served the purpose that it was given to us for. I also hate to close the book on the parts of my kids lives have unfolded in this house. I am so sentimental! But I know God has good things for us if we just pray, listen, and wait. (It's the waiting part that always gets me! Oh my gosh am I a proactive waiter. I really need to work on that! ;) ) I just know that if we keep praying God will bring the right family and the right time, people that will enjoy "our" house and create memories of their own too.

I know I haven't written in a while but I hope everyone had a great and reflective 4th of July!

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