Monday, July 09, 2007

3 Things of More

So, I am having a crappy day today. I have a sinus infection/summer cold, so does G, I had a mini argument with my mom, and a couple of other piddly crappy things happened. I was trying to think of something to get out of my grumpy funk when it dawned on me... I should think about things that I love rather than things that are annoying me currently. (And doesn't it seem that every thing is annoying when you are under the weather?)

So here it goes:

I love daddy's spending time with their children.

I love the smell of flowers after the rain.

I love senior citizens who still hold their spouses hand and look lovingly into each others eyes.

I love unrequested generosity.

I love little children giving each other hugs.

I love the pure joy my dogs seem to have every time I walk through the door.

I love the quiet.

I love the crickets chirping on a summer evening.

I love a good cup of coffee.

I love having a house in a safe neighborhood.

I love siblings helping each other with out being asked.

I love siblings falling asleep snuggling.

I love that all of these thing no matter how big, small, or "insignificant", are all blessings.

What do you love?

1 comment:

mommy zabs said...

i can pretty much agree with almost all of those!
AND i have sinusitis too! stinks doesn't it!