Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oodles of Updates

I was reading over my blog the other day, and realized that I don't follow up on things very often. So I thought I would take the time to update. Thank you all for the prayers for Talia. She is pictured above. She was born mid April and weight a little over 8lbs! She and my cousin are doing fine. My cousin is so in love!
G & C are doing well. They are on summer vaca and driving themselves and me nuts! But all is good. G is going to be in Kindergarten next year and C is also moving up a grade. G's diagnosis came back as Aspergers Autistic and ADHD. We weren't really surprised. We spent May taking different meetings at school and listening to different reports on his progress. Currently his pre-k team and I are fighting with the school so he will be where he NEEDS to be next year. I have had 3 people that work for his school tell me ,off the record, that I need to be very vocal and keep on the district all summer long. This is an interesting place for me to be in. I am not a very loud person. I am not , intentionally, a pain in the butt. But for G I will be. It seems that the district would like to put him in a class with lower functioning children for his school day. This goes against what his Team, 1 outside psychologist, 1district psychologist, and what we ,his parents, want. Unfortunately for the school district I know what my legal rights are. It would seem they want to to do that because it would be easier on them scheduling him and cheaper. The plan that everyone ,who knows G, would like would be Kindergarten with typicals and then taken out of class for his OT (occupational therapy) and Speech. He is such a mocking bird that if he isn't with typicals more often then not, he starts regressing rapidly. The longer he is around typicals the more "typical" he becomes. Everyone that has interacted with him believes that he has the potential to mainstream and live a very full life, if we can just get past this bureaucracy and get him to a class that challenges him. So, it looks like I will be spending the summer advocating. But G is so worth fighting for!
As for home updates. We listed the house on Monday. We had a guy come by today to video a virtual tour, to put on the Realtors website. Just a half hour ago the Realtor called and someone wants to see our house tomorrow morning at 10am!!!! Yippee! I really hope we sell this place fast. I would love to be moved before the kids start school. We would like to move in town where I can bike practically every where. It would be nice to have other children around for our kids too. Last time our house went in to contract it had been on the market less than 30days. So I am hopeful. Please pray. I am tired of trying to sell a house!
I wish I could say that we have big plans for the summer, but we don't. The kids are at a friends vacation bible school this week. They are lovin' that. We will probably drive out of state to visit the grandparents once of twice. Other than that trying to sell a house, taking G to therapy, and C to tutoring pretty much takes care of our week.
I hope all of you are having a good start to summer. Be careful as you are traveling. Most of all enjoy each other and have lots of fun!

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