Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Goverment Wants Your Infants DNA

I know it has been FOREVER since I have Blogged. Life has been crazy, but all for the good. However, I ran across something today that made me shudder! I just couldn't keep this kind of info to myself. It seems that Senators Hilary Clinton, Christopher Dodd- Dem, and Orrin Hatch- Rep, introduced a bill, that President Bush signed one month ago, that will start a US DNA data base. The bill says they can start taking DNA from infants at birth, immediately.

Some quick snippets are : One health care expert and prominent critic of DNA screening is Twila Brase, president of the Citizens' Council on Health Care who has written a detailed analysis (PDF) of the new law in which she warns that it represents the first program of populationwide genetic testing.
Brase states that S.1858 and H.R. 3825, the House version of the bill, will:
Establish a national list of genetic conditions for which newborns and children are to be tested.
Establish protocols for the linking and sharing of genetic test results nationwide.
Build surveillance systems for tracking the health status and health outcomes of individuals diagnosed at birth with a genetic defect or trait.
Use the newborn screening program as an opportunity for government agencies to identify, list, and study "secondary conditions" of individuals and their families.
Subject citizens to genetic research without their knowledge or consent.

Senator Ron Paul has come out to say this is unethical and unconstitutional. The senate voted unanimously on it.
The March of Dimes has come out in support of it.
These people support it but the real question is; How comfortable with it are you? And Why didn't they give us the option to opt in or opt out?

Now for some fun questions:
Why isn't the media going crazy over this?? This is fresh meat. Bush signed it!
Where is the ACLU when we really need them??

To get the full article just click on the title of my "article".

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