Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is it me or are more and more musical artist sounding the same these days? Case in point: When I first heard Fergies "London Bridge" and "Fergalious" my first reaction was 'Man, these suck!'. At that time I wasn't sure why they sucked so it nagged at me until I reached a decision. Fergies music sucks for two reasons: 1. The lyrics are so ridiculous that a seven year old even asked me what she was talking about and why it sounded 'stupid'. 2. She sounds like she ripped off Gwen Stephani's first solo album. (Now I have to add, I don't like Gwen's latest song "Wind it up". It sounds like she took the sound of music soundtrack, a marching band, and a crazy lady, threw them in a blender and what came out was a musical assault on the ears that should be illegal! She and the Neptunes really could have done much better.) You may be asking yourself what brought about this rant and rip apart of these two women? This morning I was accosted by their back to back videos on the television and it reminded me how irritated I am by the lack of originality in the music industry and by artists these days. I know the "industry" has a rhyme and reason for it , with the bottom line being money, but that is all a little too much of a discussion/rant then I would like to get into on a blog this morning.
Now I watched the billboard Music awards the other day; did anyone notice The Killers are still rockin' the 'stache? Brandon flowers and crew are, I believe, trying to bring back the mustache. A male friend of mine informed me the other day that he had read in GQ , or some other male magazine, over the summer that the mustache was making a come back and was the rage in New York. My friend had tried earlier this year to bring back the 'stache to our conservative city. He had a moustache for several months but no one, not even his fiance, were convinced on the come back, so he formed it into a gotee. I give him credit for giving it a good faith effort, but I think the Killers will be able to continue where he left off. Who knows , thanks to these grass roots efforts, we might be seeing more moustaches soon.

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