Monday, October 30, 2006

I have a love hate relationship with fall. I would have a full love relationship with fall if it were 75 degrees every day and if it didn't seem like winter was just waiting around the corner. I love racking the leaves, picking pumpkins, trick or treat, apple picking, baking, all the quintessential fall activities. I just hate that it goes so quickly and before we know it winter is here.
Currently I am hating that the elections are just days away and I haven't figured out which politician is lying less that the other. I just don't get why politicians are still using mud slinging techniques. All it seems to do is disenchant people with the political process. Well, maybe I just answered my own question. We as a people can't allow our selves to get away from the political process before or after we have voted. Even after the poles have closed we as a people have to watch the politicians. We have to always be sure they are doing the will of their constituents, not the will of their pocket books. We all have to remember We are the boss of them, not the other way around.
To end on a happy note, tomorrow is beggars night! I love seeing all the creative costumes. I love eating the candy and talking with my neighbors. I look froward to this every year. Beggars night, a good excuse to get out doors.
Have fun!

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mommy zabs said...

hey happy hippy, i have seen you on my blog. thanks for your comments. do i know you? it seems like we would be fine friends :) I would consider myself republican, though there are MANY aspects of libertarian party I admire, respect, and believe. (i'm replying to your comment). I'm very sad about what has happened and that much of the country doesn't really realize the implication. Much of the church doesn't even see it. Pelosi put so much money behind some of these conservative democrats b/c she know that was the only way to win... and now they will owe her. All I can say now is that God is soverign and I am thankful that it is he in whom we place our trust ultimately. I need a period of grieving... but I will get back up again and contine to be passionate about what I believe. God's will be done.