Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great Websites

I came across some great websites recently. There is this new website called They promise to "Find your perfect Jeans, pants, & Bras in 3 minutes." You take a mini quiz about your body shape and voila they pop out the Jean, Pant, or Bras that would best fit you. I took the Jeans quiz and it was on the money. Some of my favorite types of jeans were on the list. So if you like shopping online, or would just like to stream line your shopping trip this website can help you out.

For those of us who admire many a celebs star style ,but not the price tag, there is She dublicates celebrity outfits for under $100. She comes up with some amazing stuff. I believe she updates it daily.

Now I am currently getting ready for an awards dinner in the Uk. So I have been scowering the internet for easy hair dos. Because this is a formal function I have been looking for something that will look great with my dress and that I can do my self. Two sites and fordmodels on youtube just might be the answer to my prayers. They have easy do's with lots of instruction. So if any of you, or someone you know, needs a glamours style done fast and at home, I highly recommend these.

Lastly, with election season in full gear can help you figure out which canadate best represents your views. It not only tells you the top 3 canadates that are compatable to you , it gives you their answers to the same questions you answered. It is a very informative site.

With that I am off! It is time to put a little sick guy down for a nap. If I'm lucky I will get one too! ;)

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