Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Official

The Other half has officially killed his knee. Last Saturday ,while playing basketball with his "Old Fogey" league, he did a jump shot and blew out his knee. A 4 Doctors visits, 2 xrays, and one MRI later the verdict is in, his ACL is toast. The other things in his knee are either stretched or blown out too. We have been told that his ACL will have to be reconstructed with either his own tendons or cadaver. My vote is for his own tendons. (Please pray they can use them) They will do some scoping/scraping will they are in there too. We meet with the Surgeon on Monday to get the full rundown of all the fun and to get a date for surgery.
This will be surgery number 2 for The Other Half in less than 12months. SHESH! I told him he's getting expensive and I might just have to trade him in for another model! ;) His sister texted him and said,'You might not think 30 is old, but you knee sure does!' That had me rolling!
On a serious note, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Him having surgery always makes me nervous. And I am not looking forward to paying off yet another surgery. Thank God for insurance!


saylor days said...

we will be praying for sure!

LeAnna said...

If he gets cadaver tendons, I wonder if they would actually be better than his normal ones. And I also wonder (somewhat morbid but unsolved mysteries did this to me) if he would start craving foods that person liked, kind of like when people got heart/liver/kidney transplants.

After the surgery, is he going to have to take it easy on the leg forever? I know some things, like knee replacement and whatnot, basically get you through but aren't a cure for the situation.

Let him know, 1 more time and you just can't stand to see him in pain and subject him to the medical torture and make a trip to the vet- haha

Needless to say, thank God for donors. And if you haven't mentioned it to anyone, and your license says donor, stress to your family that you want to donate if the time comes. I told peter I want to donate and if they can, I want people I know/related to have dibs on my organs e.g. Sandra would have priority on my liver

Happy Hippie said...

Thank goodness the surgeon we will be using does not feel comfortable with cadaver tendons. He said, and I quote,"There is like a million to one chance that you could become infected from cadaver tissue. But if you are that person, well, your screwed."
I think he will have to be a little more careful with his leg from here on out.