Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Recall ?!

Mommyzabs from http://www.mommyzabs.com/ has recently started a new site. While she will still be blogging on mommyzabs.com, she now has a site devoted to a cause she is passionate about. Her new "baby" is http://www.notchinamade.net/. It is a blog devoted to exposing the harsh reality that is the oppressive communist regime of The Peoples Republic of China. She explores and uncovers their harsh treatment of their own people and their lax business practices. It is a site that answers the question "is cheaper really better?".

We, as a people, can no longer think what China does is its own business and it doesn't effect us. We have seen in the last 9months how much China does effect us right down to our home lives. We kicked off the year with the menu foods pet food recalls that spanned from Walmart dog food to Eukenuba. Then we had the Thomas the Train lead paint recall. This week we entered into not only another toy recall but we are also having a toothpaste recall!

If this causes you to ask your self,"What in the heck is going on over there?" Then click on the notchinamade button and go find out!

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mommy zabs said...

Thank you so very much for linking up! I hope you put you name in the hat to win too. If you haven't just go to the post and put you name in mr. linkey :)